5 de mayo de 2012

Spin the sphere. Stop it with your finger

Good morning and welcome to the 38th Symposium of the Family’s Association in La Rioja, ‘Diversity and Inclusive Schools: Pulling Apart Topics’.

While education reformers in Spain may have different approaches and philosophies, we all share the same goal: opening doors for students to have more oportunities, especially those from less boyant communities.

After 30 years of being ahead in Public Schools, in FAPA-Rioja we've seen firsthand what happens when you give a free hand to teachers to teach and principals to lead.

In our experience, giving educators the freedom to innovate is the key for letting students find more capacity for success in college and in life.

If you want to feel optimistic about the state of affairs as regards unemployed people and unsatisfied youth in Spain, this is the way for a change. Spin the sphere. Stop it with your finger.

I challenge you to find a region where education gains it isn’t a commercial product but it’s the future of our whole nation. And people should look and think of it as such. The highest-income countries have the highest rates of enrollment in Secondary Schools and the smallest part of informal employment that is vulnerable to an economic downturn.

But don’t forget: the education is not simply a cheap product in anyway. You have to invest in it for excellent results. The evidence is literally all around us.

In the end, all Public Schools should have the capacity to prepare their students well so as to have a future success. Public School systems will have to return much of the decision-making power to where it needs to be: inside the school walls.